The late Emanuel König

Emanuel König (1698–1752), professor of medicine and botany at the University of Basel, was buried in the Barfüsserkirche church. When the church was turned into the department store’s warehouse in 1843, all epitaphs and grave slabs that had survived were removed. Only the bones, grave slabs and epitaphs of Mayor Johann Rudolf Wettstein and the mathematician and physicist Jakob Bernoulli were transferred to the cathedral. Emanuel König’s epitaph, however, was used as a building block in the new department store’s foundations.

Information on the excavation that is taking place in the cloister of the Barfüsserkloster:

A small exibition in the Museum of History shows archaeological finds from the excavation, including the epitaph (untill July 2017).


  • epitaph
  • 18th century
  • finding place: music hall of the city casino