Basel, AD 1300 - The cloister of the Barfüsserkloster (Franciscan friary)

Steinenberg 14, November 2016


AD 1844 - department store


AD 1300 - cloister of the Franciscan friary

Why are we excavating?

The planned extension and renovation of the Stadtcasino has prompted extensive rescue excavations, which will be carried out over the next 12 months. The excavations commenced on 18th October in the music hall, where they will reach a depth of 7 metres below the former parquet flooring.
The location of the Stadtcasino is extremely interesting from the point of view of the city’s history. The development and expansion of the city over several centuries can be traced here.

What do we expect to find?

The Barfüsserkirche church and the Barfüsserplatz square are located today in the centre of Grossbasel (the area of Basel on the left bank of the River Rhine). Up until the mid-13th century, the area was still situated on the edge of the city. Nevertheless, it was intensively used:
The 10th century settlement has so far only been identified by means of ceramic finds and hearths. The Burkhard city wall ran through the area and the first church was built here at the end of the 11th century. The Stadtcasino grounds, however, were still outside the fortification at that time. Construction of the inner city wall in the early 13th century led to the first expansion of Basel, which enclosed the area within the new ring wall.
Around AD 1250 the Franciscans built the first friary. Some 50 years later, this edifice was replaced by a new building, of which the Barfüsserkirche church still stands today. The cloister and associated friary buildings were located in the area of the present-day Stadtcasino. Several phases of alteration and reuse followed after the Reformation period until the 19th century (e.g. hospital). In 1844, the former friary buildings were finally replaced by a department store and the music hall of the Stadtcasino was built in 1875.

How long will the excavations take?

The excavations are set to continue until the end of October 2017. Unfortunately, there aren't guided tours any more.

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Archaeological finds from the excavation

A small exibition in the Museum of History shows archaeological finds from the excavation, including the epitaph (untill July 2017).


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